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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Cancer Chronicles 24

Day 2

Another 6:30 AM awakening. Off to meet Dr. Hanasano. I haven't seen him since last August. His assistant arrives with a surprised look on her face. Once again I'm told how great I'm looking. This could go to a mans head, but I realize the truth and put it all into perspective. She looks at my arm (where the flap came from) and then checks the tongue.

All looks great to her, but she wonders why I'm not on solid foods yet. I explain my reluctance to bite down due to the pain that comes if I bite the flap. THERE IS TOO MUCH SKIN IN MY MOUTH!!! She tells me to address this when Dr. Hanasano arrives.

When the Doc comes in he seems very happy with my progress and how much better I appear. Another comment of how great I'm looking. Even with my slow recovery he is pleased. He FINALLY agrees that we should adjust the flap by taking a 1 inch X 1 centimeter of slice of skin out. HURRAY!!!!

This should allow me to chew more comfortably and perhaps even better my speech. Although there is a possibility of it making the speech worse. That's the risk I must face, but I think I would rather eat at this point than continue on a feeding tube the rest of my life!

The timing is up to me as long as it has a minimum of a 6 week lead time. His only concern is for my healing after this surgery due to the amount of radiation that was received on that side of the mouth.

It's also suggested that while I'm here I see a speech pathologist that specifically deals with edema related issues (abnormal fluid buildup in tissue cells.) I still have an enlarged lower lip and swollen cheek. It seems like a good idea, if it will help the healing process.

I'm not excited about the actual surgery, but the prospect of eating real food is my motivation.
Motivation makes the world go round. Now go out and find something that motivates you.

Peace B


1 comment:

Maureen said...

Hey there Brian!

I hope you'll let me know when you are having the surgery.

I know you're not excited by the process, but it is exciting that it will help you return to eating real food. I better start looking for the yak meat, so we can share our burgers, together apart, across the miles!!

Best wishes to you, always.

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