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Sunday, August 5, 2007

The Cancer Chronicles 2

Zippidy Do Da! - One week after biopsy...

Well today I must say was interesting.

I went for my very first MRI. Ever have one? Hope you're not claustrophobic! What was to be a 90 minute visit turned out to be 45. With a secondary MRI tomorrow at 7 AM. I think once the owner of the facility found out the results would be presented as a case study at UCSF he wanted to make sure it was perfect. A good thing.

What's an MRI? Magnetic resonance imaging, formally referred to as magnetic resonance tomography, is a non-invasive method used to render images inside of an object. Based on a magnetic principle that produces a gravitation field 5 times that of Earth's gravity. Because of this the room is lined in copper and metal objects (keys, watches, under wire bras, anything with a zipper) (NO METAL... GET IT??) are strictly forbidden in the room! With a price tag of over One Million Dollars, I wouldn't want to break one of these puppies!

Photo courtesy NASA - An MRI scanner

Here We Go!

Gown on, butt to the world, I recline on a table and made very comfortable. Full explanation of what is to come is given....Don't move, don't breath too deep, don't swallow. AHHHH.....OK.

Strategically placed in comfort like preparing the dead for the afterlife. Headphones, soft music. Then into the tomb, more like a round cylinder, intensely small and consuming with mood lighting. Cyndi Lauper plays "True Colors" on my headphones as I slowly enter the tomb. I hear the technician over the music, "Ready, take a deep breath, swallow, and relax...let me know when you're ready." 20 minutes of jackhammer sounds, lawn mower, and other buzzing goes on. At each change I can breath and swallow, not to move my head as the MRI is of my head. Tomorrow the neck.

Then I slowly come out again being told not to move my head at all, it must remain in the identical position, as they inject dye. A gentle prick. No not the technician....the needle! A warm feeling and back to the party. Another 15 minutes of banging and grinding noises and out I come. The last song I remember is Celine Dion's "A New Day" The music is from the radio so it's not intentional, but in the scheme of things seems suspiciously appropriate to me. Peek A BOO!!! I tell the tech. He laughs. Tomorrow 7 AM??? Yup!

NEXT: Off to the hospital for X-Rays! Chest and Side Views needed. They hand me a CD. Hummm...no film..cool. Instructions are that these are to be hand carried back to UCSF.

Then I call Matthew Hawes, son of dear friends Mike and Debra. I grew up with Debra and she helped me grow my company, working for me as my Office Manager and helping run the restaurants for 5 years. Matt, an honorary nephew, is in Fremont still ,doing well, and asked that we have coffee. Concerned and wanting to see me I agree. During are talk at Starbuck's he leaves for the restroom.

Next to us is a deaf couple. A beautiful young blond girl mid 20's and a handsome balding gentleman maybe late 20's. They use sign language profusely. He pauses to kiss her deeply. She giggles and purrs. More wild signing, then he strokes her calf and another deep kiss. OK to some extreme behavior for a coffee shop, but I found a very profound way to view it. They were feet away as I watched. Thinking of my problem, my tongue. Then a warm thought crossed my mind...They can't even speak and I'm worried about loosing some of my tongue. Now putting this into perspective...what's the worst case??? I learn another language out of this. Fremont by the way has one of the largest deaf populations in California and offers the California School for the Deaf est. 1860! California School for the Deaf, Fremont

My cell phone rings...it's David, an old friend I grew up with from Detroit, now a Doctor in San Francisco, on the other end. Shock, sadness, love, and much advice is given. All taken with open ear and heart. More love, truly overwhelming. Poor Matthew sits and plays games on his phone as I talk to Dr. Dave. Matt understands the importance.

It's been a long day...tomorrow 7 AM round 2 MRI. Copies of the MRI's on CD and X-Rays will be hand carried to UCSF by Isabel and her daughter Sophia. I have some of the best friends in the world. I often cry giving thanks for those who love, help, and care. It can be a bit overwhelming.

Thank you to everyone for your strength, love, and support. Truly a blessing!



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