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Monday, August 6, 2007

The Cancer Chronicles 3

January 20, 2007

Say it with me …..SHIT!

Yesterday I had to have a second MRI at 7 AM. Then straight to the airport to catch a flight to a warmer destination for some R&R at 11:50 AM. It was freezing as I got into the car for the ride there. I needed gas and was running a little behind. On the radio was The Whoopi Goldberg Morning Show. I didn't know she had one! It rocked! I'm not sure if it’s a syndicated or not but catch it if you can at 5 AM. I was afraid I was going to be late! Gassed and ran. Yea!! I was 10 minutes early and nobody was there. Seven o'clock promptly, 3 of the staff arrived for my exam.

I got back into my buttless (I know that’s not a word but it should be!) attire and prepared to enter my tomb… tired, relaxed, and wanting to just get it over with. On the head phones, Josh Groban’s, “You Lift Me Up” Inspirational! 40 minutes later I exit to an Elton John number I can't recall because the tech was talking over him as I listened to the tech carefully. I go to get dressed.

With a sad puzzled look on his face he asks me to sit down for a moment. I thought maybe he saw something on the MRI that was serious. Visibly upset he says, “There’s something wrong with the MRI.” My heart sank.

I think he noticed my expression and quickly recanted, “Not with you…the MRI itself.” I breath….what? Apparently the MRI malfunctioned. The Doctor called for a “fat sat with contrast” My understanding is that means the MRI must remove the fat tissues from the screening and the contrast happens when the dye is injected into the arm. For what ever reason with sincere apologies he tells me it has to be redone.

But I don't have time!!! I need to leave for the airport! He asks when I'm coming back and I explain not until after UCSF’s findings. But now there will be no findings without these images. Soooooo….

What do we do? I explain I can reschedule my flight for $100 and spend the night in Fremont and we can go again ASAP. The owner, Dr. Rory Satterfield agrees to cover all my expenses and rearranges a 4 PM re-shoot. They set me up in a very plush private office and I made all my changes, flight, and airport pick-up. I went out to the car to get some info and I had a flat tire. I just laughed. What once would have made me angry was just another unimportant thing to take care of.

After going to 3 gas stations, I finally found one that had a working air pump. I went back to Isabel's to rest. Then back to Inview (the imaging company) at 4 PM for round THREE!

A Moral

On the way back I spotted a squirrel in the road intently working on a walnut. I pulled off to the side of the road to watch him work on that thing.

One thing being ill has taught me all these years is that I notice the little things more and appreciate much of the beauty we often miss in our daily grind to survive the concrete jungle.

That squirrel was so cute. He turned that nut, put it down, rotated it around, banged it on the ground, as if he was looking for the easiest way in. All he cared about was that nut, nothing else mattered. He was so obsessed with his nut, he didn't even notice me park the car just a few feet way. All of the sudden another car rounded the corner and as it passed I saw my new little friend flat dead in the street. He never knew what hit him.

Sadly I thought to myself, “Damn….one minute you're minding your own business, playing with your nuts in the street, and the next minute you're road kill...ain't life a BITCH!"

Don't obsess on one thing for too long, life just might pass you by. (or run you over!)

Nutters RIP!
Until tomorrow my friends!
Peace B

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