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Monday, February 11, 2008

The Cancer Chronicles 22

From MD Anderson Cancer Center

Once again I find myself here at MD Anderson. This time for a check up to see if my cancer has returned. Charlotte Daigle from the American Cancer Society (ACS) in Houston has found me very affordable accommodations. We became friends over the phone last year when she told me of her husbands battle with oral cancer. He actually had the very same team of doctors I have. Unfortunately he lost his battle with cancer.

This is my first day back in three months. It appears different to me. So many of the same faces. Not just the nurses and doctors, but the greeters, volunteers, and even some patients. Many have stopped me to tell me how great I look. It makes me feel really good, but then I have to ask myself...How bad did I look before???

Dr. Clayman, my surgeon, is not seeing me this visit. He doesn't want to see me until August. I guess that's a good sign. Unless I've been such a pain in the ass he just wants a break! He's still my hero!

Blood draw at 7 AM on Tuesday starts the day, followed by a chest x-ray and an appointment with my speech therapist. Then finally a quick visit with Dr. Morrison, my microwave (Radiology) doctor.

Wednesday I will meet with Dr. Hanasono, my plastic surgeon, to address my tongue flap. I still have a constant dull pain and I have said from day 1...THERE IS TOO MUCH SKIN IN MY MOUTH!!!

When I attempt to chew, I have a tendency to bite the flap which causes great pain and then I'm back on my pain meds again. Which is not necessarily a bad thing since many of my friends think I'm more agreeable while on drugs...go figure!

We will need to address when to remove the feeding tube. If there is an adjustment to be made to the tongue flap, I assume the tube will remain until after I heal from that surgery.

Thursday is the most important day, I have my CAT scan. This will show if the cancer has returned or if I'm still cancer free. This is the day I'm most nervous about. It's like reliving being diagnosed all over again. I'm feeling very confident there is nothing to worry about. This cancer messed with the wrong dude!!! I'm like a cockroach...look for me after the Holocaust!

Friday will end this trip with a visit to see Dr. Edward Kim, my Chemo therapist. Then I will head back home ready to enjoy another 3 months of peace.

Wish Me Luck!



Maureen said...

Hi Brian,

Ok, I am confused (no comment...I already know it doesn't take much to confuse me!!) the post is dated last Monday, yet it just appeared on Friday the 15th.

So, are you back from Anderson? Or am I going to have everything crossed for you next Thursday???
Or did I miss it yesterday????

OMG, I am soooo confoozled!!

In any event, with total clarity, I am wishing you the best results there can be.

Maureen - the blog hog!!

Dr. Swill said...


Stop thinking so hard! lol The post was originally written on Monday 2/11, so I used that date to keep the time line. I just didn't get around to adding it to the site. I've done this for awhile now...you finally caught me..lol! I often write it as it happens then post it later.

Yes I am home and those posts will appear soon. All is well, with a twist of OMG!!!


Maureen said...

Hey Brian!

Stop thinking so hard??? ha ha ha ha!! I wish I could turn my brain off...or at least on pause!

How was your week back at home?

Anonymous said...


so glad you're back to writing. Thanks for your transparency. It's refreshing.


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